May 4, 2011

Inside JCU is here! Learn how to post your news and more.

Welcome to Inside JCU. The purpose of this internal (and external) communications website, and its companion email version, is to be the electronic news, events, and key links hub for the John Carroll community.

To post your JCU-related news or event on Inside JCU, simply click on the “Submit an Item” link at the top and follow the instructions on the form. Please allow 24-48 hours before your news item or event is posted.

Inside JCU differs from RootMail in that it is reviewed by the Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) team for consistent formatting and fact-checking. In addition, the team selects the news that broadly affects the campus community to be highlighted in the top “Featured” area and in the graphic billboard space on the right-hand side.

Another key change from RootMail is that Inside JCU contributors that want their content to appear on multiple days will no longer have to submit the same news or event item more than once. When your item is posted to Inside JCU, it will stay there. Items are archived for one month before they are removed.

Also, the faculty, staff, and administrator (FSA) community and the student community will receive the same Inside JCU email. In the past, the FSA community received its own RootMail, separate from students. In reviewing both, we found that the vast majority of “FSA RootMails” and “AllStu Rootmails” greatly overlapped in content. Therefore, they will initially be combined into one email.

Comments or suggestions about Inside JCU are appreciated—please click on the “Feedback” link in the billboard area.

On behalf of the IMC team and our partners in Information Technology Services, we hope you enjoy the Inside JCU experience.