May 9, 2011

Key returns

Now that another school year is drawing to a close, the Facilities Department is requesting your assistance in collecting keys from any members of your department you know will not be returning this summer or fall. Since many departments have part-time employees and/or graduate assistants who do not go through exit interviews with Human Resources, we have no way of knowing who is staying or going.

In accordance with the JCU Key Policy, department heads are ultimately responsible for seeing that keys are returned by exiting employees, as they authorize the issuance of keys by signing the key request form. Any keys that are not returned could result in the re-keying of the department, at that department’s expense.

We are asking you to please either send the person to the Facilities Office, located in the lower level of the Recplex, room 7, with the keys they were issued, or if a designated person in the department would like to be responsible for collecting these keys and returning them to us, that would also be fine.

Thank you in advance for helping us in our on-going process of inventorying the University’s keys and making the campus a safer, more secure environment for everyone.