May 11, 2011

Looking for grants or scholarships?

Faculty, staff, administrators, and students can use the new SPIN Quick Search (QS) webpage to easily search for funding opportunities, fellowships, summer research experiences, and scholarship funds from any campus-connected computer. Debuting this month, SPIN QS offers improved access to our long-time subscription database of funding opportunities (the Sponsored Programs Information Network). The SPIN database provides up-to-date information on current federal, non-federal, and international funding opportunities including fellowships, undergraduate and graduate scholarships, sabbatical support, research grants, publications support, student summer research experiences, and more.

The SPIN QS page has simplified the process for basic searches. For tighter searches, “Settings” can be adjusted to restrict results by geographic location and project type. QS search results appear as a table with titles linked to the full funding announcement. Regular SPIN searches, including an advanced search narrowed by several additional field choices, can still be run on the traditional SPIN search page.

Access SPIN QS (or the traditional SPIN search page) from any John Carroll network-connected computer:

For information on submitting grant proposals at John Carroll, visit Submission Procedure or contact Cathy Anson ( for assistance.