May 24, 2011

125 years of JCU trivia answers

Here’s all the answers to the 125 years of trivia sheets from Monday’s STAD picnic.

1. Which Doctor of Mathematics often appeared on television when an earthquake occurred ?
Dr. Edward Walters

2. What future Bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland was a member of the class of 1961?
Bishop Anthony Pilla

3. In what colorfully named building did the Business School once reside?
The Pink Barn

4. What year did JCU became coeducational?

5. In 2006 a study was completed on the University’s economic impact on the Cleveland area. How many jobs did the study estimate JCU provided?

6. In thousands, how many community service hours do the John Carrol students perform annually?

7. What future rock and roll icon performed here in 1973?
Bruce Springsteen

8. Name the 2 recent Summer Olympians who attended JCU.
Diana Munz (swimming)/Dominique Moceau (gymnastics)

9. What 1957 graduate appeared regularly on the Bob Newhart show?
Jack Riley

10. What beloved Alumnus became the Washington Bureau chief for NBC News?
Tim Russet

11. Who created HBO?
Charles Dolan

12. Who coached NFL teams to 347 victories?
Don Schula

13. Match JCU Alumni to careers:
Elizabeth Becka – Mystery Novelist
Jack Breen – Sherwin Williams
Bob Dickinson – Carnival Cruise Lines
James Myers – Petco
Charles Dolan – Cablevision