August 23, 2011

Printer program changes

The University has changed our Total Print Management (TPM) service provider from MCPc to Meritech. MCPc has been our primary printing partner for several years and will remain an active provider of technology products and services to the University.

Benefits to the University include:

  • Economy of Scale – Meritech is currently is the TPM provider for the Kyocera copiers that are deployed throughout the campus. MCPc is the TPM provider for the HP LaserJets. Awarding all our TPM business to one vendor will reduce our printing cost by more than 10 percent.
  • The Kyocera copier product line provides all the functionality and reliability of a regular LaserJet combined with the scanning/copying capabilities of a traditional copier. The Kyocera products on campus have proven to be extremely reliable while the cost per printed page is considerably less expensive than using a traditional LaserJet or Inkjet printer.
  • Meritech’s TPM program will function identically to the MCPc program. They will ship toners proactively and will electronically gather printer usage information for the monthly billing cycle. Service response times, etc., will be the same as they are now: next business day on-site.
  • The processes that are currently in place for invoicing and departmental chargeback will remain identical to the current process – there will be no changes, except you can expect to see lower charges!

Time frame for  change over

Onsite Physical Printer Inventory:

Beginning Tuesday August 23, 2011, a Meritech representative, accompanied by Cathy Zehe, will begin touring the campus visiting each of the LaserJet printers that are currently covered under MCP’s TPM program. They will record make/model/serial number and contact information and apply Meritech’s service label that contains the printer’s identification information and Meritech’s contact information for requesting service. We will leave the MCPc contact information at the printer for all service requested from MCPc during the remainder of September.

Program Switchover

  • September 30 – MCPc will stop collecting data at 12:59 a.m.
  • October 1 – Meritech will begin collecting data at midnight
  • From October 1 all calls for service should be to Meritech


  • Invoicing issues/concerns, please contact Cathy Zehe at extension 4261 or Bill Barker at extension 6633.
  • Printer functionality problems, please call the Help Desk at extension 3005.