February 13, 2012

Be a part of something new!

Campus Ministry is doing something new! Will you join with us?

We are putting together a collection of prayers and reflections – one that will inspire members of the John Carroll community to reflect on our Ignatian heritage and the University Mission. This text will include original prayers/reflections/poems, passages from sacred texts, words from prominent members of spiritual communities, lines from existing poems and songs, and original expressions of faith using graphic or visual arts.

Because the text is intended for the entire John Carroll community, we invite submissions from all members: students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administrators. Our hope is to produce a text that reflects the variety of faiths present in our community – one shared as a way to pray and grow in faith together.

Would you be willing to submit a prayer or reflection for this project? We are asking for a few paragraphs (no more than 300 words).

If you are interested in contributing to the volume, please send your suggested submission(s) via email to cministry@jcu.edu. All submissions should include full citations to the original source. Any photographs should include permission from the parties in the photo to be used in this fashion.

Submissions are due Friday, March 30, 2012. We hope these reflections will provide a unique perspective and insight into the spirituality of the John Carroll Community. Thanks so much for considering this.

Please contact John Scarano at jscarano@jcu.edu if you have any questions.