March 20, 2012 STU

Application deadline: Celebration of Scholarship Center for Digital Media Prize

The John Carroll University Center for Digital Media is offering a prize for the best use of The Center for Digital Media services to create multimedia to support a presentation given during the Celebration of Scholarship. This could include audio, video, graphic design, or website design that enhances a lecture or poster presentation. Presenters can use equipment borrowed from The Center or use software at the center to create and edit their media. The deadline for submitting an application to have a presenation reviewed is Friday, March 23.

The Center for Digital Media is located in Grasselli Library and is a joint venture of Grasselli Library with Information Technology Services. The goal of the center is to provide faculty and students with the resources they need to create sophisticated presentations using videos, graphics, and other forms of multimedia that can serve to enhance teaching, learning, research, and creativity at John Carroll. The Center is staffed on a regular basis and can offer help with equipment and software. Go here for a list of equipment that can be borrowed to help create your media.

Presenters will have the option to have their presentations included in Carroll Collected, John Carroll’s new online digital repository managed by Grasselli Library.

For more information about the prize including judging criteria and an application to have your presentation reviewed visit the library’s website.

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