April 20, 2012 STAFF/STU

JCU Address Change Effective June 15

Effective June 15, 2012, the official address for John Carroll University will be:

1 John Carroll Boulevard
University Heights, OH  44118

North Park Boulevard will change to John Carroll Boulevard from Fairmount Circle to the gateway to our campus (by Pizzazz).  Like the new historical marker on our campus, this initiative was the result of working collaboratively with government officials in our 125th anniversary year.

The new John Carroll Boulevard street signs will be installed and presented to the community at an alumni Reunion event at Ben and Jerry’s (3 p.m. on June 15, 2012). Faculty, staff, administrators, and students are invited to attend.

To help facilitate this change, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind:

1)  Emergency response:

We have worked with the cities of University Heights and Shaker Heights to manage the transition as it relates to police, fire, and EMS response.  911 operators will have the new address in their systems starting June 15.

2)  Providing good customer service to our visitors:

New, updated campus maps—both printed and online—are being prepared and will be available to the campus community by June 15.  These can be used as tools to help our visitors find and navigate our campus.  More information will be available about the new maps in follow-up communications.

Starting June 15, if you have visitors coming to campus, you should suggest that they update their GPS system’s maps or continue to use 20700 North Park Boulevard on their GPS unit.

3)  Manage your supply of stationery, business cards, and other printed materials:

The U.S. Postal Service will recognize both our new address and the old address until June 15, 2013, one year after the effective date.

If your stationery, envelopes, etc., are in short supply, you may want to order just enough with the old address to bridge you to June 15, 2012, and order new printed materials with the new address to be used after that date.

If you have a plentiful supply of stationery and other printed materials with the 20700 North Park Boulevard address, keep in mind that the postal service will honor the old address for another year, so it is not necessary to discard all of your supplies with the old address right away.  All offices will need to use materials with new address starting 14 months from now, on June 15, 2013.

Instructions for updating address information on the web will be provided by May 1.

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this change.