April 23, 2012 STAFF/STU

Earth Day lunch in the Dining Hall

JCU Dining is celebrating Earth Day!

Did you know?
Not serving meat for one lunch period saves six tons of Co2 emission. That much emission can inflate 2 hot air balloons, which could hold 125,300 bushels of apples or 1,560,00 gallons of water.

Enjoy special Earth-friendly entrees!

Pizza: white pizza and wild mushroom
Grill: grilled cheese, falafel and ranch wedge fries
Comfort: buffalo tempura tofu wraps and Spanish rice
Deli: four cheese panini and Italian pasta
Center Stage: pesto tortellini
International: black bean-vegetable quesadillas
Vegetarian: vegetable tacos
Soup: cheddar cheese and vegetable rice

Hope to see you there!