May 2, 2012 STAFF

Gmail conversion update

Have you moved to the new Gmail email system yet? Over 500 JCU employees have joined almost 10,000 JCU students on Gmail since this past January. We are currently migrating all faculty members to the new system before the end of the academic year and are on track to migrate everyone on the old Mirapoint Webmail system by the middle of June. Look at what some of our faculty have to say about their move to Gmail:

“A very easy transition if you use a desktop email client – less than ten minutes on the phone with the helpdesk. No storage worries:

  • No need to constantly move mail to another account.
  • No more undeliverable mail messages because colleagues are over their quota.

Google calendar is easy to use and easy to share. Multiple tags on a single email are very useful.“ – Anthony Roy Day, Ph.D.

“Everything fits together well when you use Gmail and Google docs: your one stop shop for managing your courses. You won’t run over your email quota, and you can even manage your mail without folders, using the sophisticated “search” option to find any archived email. Share your syllabus or power points through Google docs with your students, and store important information in a secure cloud environment that ensures your documents will be there even after a computer crash.” – Jen Ziemke, Ph.D.

“No worries about storage space–I can send and receive .ppt files with impunity! Instant access to all JCU email addresses: much, much easier than going through banner to figure out an individual student’s email. The attachment prompt significantly improves my chances of remembering to include the attachment.” – Anne Kugler, Ph.D.

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk is currently scheduling personalized migration appointments for the week of May 7 and beyond. Don’t be left out – call now to schedule your migration! The ITS Help Desk can be reached at or extension 3005.