May 9, 2012 STAFF/STU

Congratulations to the recipients of the Leadership Legacy and Outstanding Student Leader Awards!

The Leadership Legacy Award and the Outstanding Student Leader Awards recognize students who, through their leadership and involvement, have worked to enhance the spirit and community of John Carroll. Recipients of the Leadership Legacy Award are members of the senior class while up to two members of each class level can receive the Outstanding Student Leader Award.

Congratulations to the 2012 recipients of these leadership awards!

Leadership Legacy Award

  • Odell Brown
  • Jon Hatgas
  • Emily Herfel
  • Rita Rochford
  • Nick Skiviat

Outstanding Student Leader Award

  • Tom Hickey
  • Greg Petsche
  • Megan Lowes
  • Steve Palmieri
  • David Markovich
  • Nailah Hall
  • Brianna Lazarchik

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