May 21, 2012 STAFF/STU

Campus Improvement Project season is here!

The Summer 2012 Campus Planned Improvement Project Schedule is provided below for
your information and reference. Please note that schedules are approximate and that
weather and other unexpected events may cause some delays. These projects were
identified by the Facilities Department and various campus consultants as necessary to
maintain the campus infrastructure. Every effort has been made to minimize impact on
the JCU community and maintain campus and building access.

Please contact the Facilities Department at 397-4314 with any questions and concerns.
Additional updates will be provided on a regular basis.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, as we continue to make these campus improvements.

Projects currently underway:

1. Boiler House Combustion Air Project, Estimated Completion 7/6/12

2. Boiler House Masonry Restoration, Esimated Completion 8/3/12

Projects to start on Monday 5/21/12:

1. Grasselli Tower and Arcades Masonry Restoration, Estimated Completion 8/3/12
Administration Drive will be closed on Monday, 5/21, so that a crane can be
used to setup scaffolding.
Contractor will use 10 non-ADA spaces in the Carroll lot as a staging area.
South entrances to the Administration Building may be closed and designated
as “Emergency exits only”. Entrances on the sides and from the Main Quad/
Kulas will remain open.
2. Dolan Hall Facade Restoration, Estimated Completion 8/3/12
3. Millor Hall Carpet, Paint, New furniture, HVAC RTU replacement and façade
repairs. Estimated Completion 8/6/2012.
4. Boler School of Business – HVAC replacement, Estimated Completion 8/6/12
School of Business Lot to be closed on or about 5/23/2012 through 8/6/
2012 for cranes and contractor staging area.

Projects to start on Tuesday 5/29/12:

1. Rec Plex Roofing Projects, Estimated Completion 8/3/12
Dining Hall roof replacement

Projects to start in early June:
1. Boler School of Business Carpet and Paint, 6/1/12 through 7/13/12.
2. Administration Building Carpet and Paint, Education and Sociology Departments,
6/18/12 through 7/18/12.
3. DL Lombardo Student Center Plaza Deck Replacement, 6/1/12 through 8/10/12.
Main Quad entrance will be closed for the duration of the project. Access
to the building will be through the Schott Dining Hall and S. Belvoir
4. Boler School of Business – South Elevation foundation repairs, Estimated Completion 7/1/12.
5. Hamlin Hall Fire Alarm upgrade – TBD
6. DSC East and Auxiliary Drive paving, 7/16/2012 – TBD
7. Pacelli Re-Roofing Sections “E” & “F”, Start 7/5/12 – Estimated Completion 8/3/12
8. Administration Building Re-Roofing Section “F”, Start 9/4/12 – Estimated Completion 10/2/12