June 18, 2012 STAFF

Upcoming required energy reduction audit test

As announced to the campus community last summer, John Carroll University is participating in a program with First Energy to monitor and reduce our electrical power usage during peak demand periods. First Energy has scheduled our required Demand Response audit for this summer for a week day afternoon in late June. We will receive notification of the exact date in the next week or two and will provide updates with additional Inside JCU postings or immediate FSA emails. The audit test will last approximately two hours.

As was done last year, the University will reduce electricity usage during the test by powering all emergency and life safety equipment from generators. As one of the biggest users of electricity, air conditioning equipment will be shut off. Phones, power, and lighting to all offices will remain on. Internet access and email service will remain functional with the possibility of a momentary interruption in network access as these devices are transferred to backup batteries or emergency power. ITS recommends that you frequently save your work on your PC/workstation prior to and during the test period to avoid unintentional data loss. Depending on the outside air temperature, some building occupants may notice a slight increase in room temperature.

Thank you for your support as John Carroll University strives to be a good and sustainable member of the northeast Ohio community.

Please contact Bernie Beyer at extension 4317 or bbeyer@jcu.edu with any questions or concerns.