June 20, 2012 STAFF

Reminder: JCU address change is now effective!

Much like when your family moves to a new home, with the University’s address officially changing to 1 John Carroll Blvd., there are many places that our address information needs to be updated. We thought it would be helpful to send a reminder of few places that you may have forgotten to change:

  • Your email signature.
  • Any magazine or journal subscriptions.
  • Any professional memberships, for example, licensing or certification boards.

If you or your office is in need of new stationary to reflect the address change, please contact Andrew Fronczek in the purchasing office at afronczek@jcu.edu or extension 3025. However, in order to encourage sustainability on campus, please use up any old stationary, as mail will be forwarded from the old address to the new until June 15, 2013.

If your department or office has not yet updated the University’s address on your website, we encourage you to do so. Instructions can be found here.