September 20, 2012 STU

Off-campus and commuter student dining plans

Attention off-campus and commuter students: do you have a dining plan? Do you plan to dine with us this semester? There are two dining plans that may interest you.

Block 45 plan:

  • $394
  • 45 all-y0u-care-to-eat meals per semester
  • $25 Plus Points

Block 100 plan:

  • $882
  • 100 all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester
  • $100 Plus Points

Resident Dining Plans are also available!!

Dining Plans are available until Friday, Sept. 28. Please come to the Office of Residence Life to sign up for a dining plan today!

Any questions about the process should be directed to Marie Perri, housing coordinator for residence life, at