October 11, 2012 STAFF/STU

Saint John’s Bible featured illumination – Book of Job

There will be a new page of the Saint John’s Bible, which is on permanent exhibit in the Tully Atrium of the Grasselli Library, on display beginning this week.

The beginning of the Book of Job starts with a striking illumination that at first sight is hard to interpret. The most noticeable thing about the illumination is that it consists of two panels. A key to understanding the illumination appears in the display-letter quotation appearing in the opposite page margin: “Shall we receive the good at the hand of God and not the bad?” (2:10) The brighter side of the first panel suggests good: here are depicted the many animals and servants that indicate Job’s initial wealth and wonderful life. But the second, darker panel suggests the evil that is to befall Job, as God permits Satan to bring tragedy into his life. Yet the gold and silver bars, which often represent the divine in the Saint John’s Bible, at the bottom of the second dark panel suggest Job’s trust in God even after evil has come to him.

See The Saint John’s Bible, on display in the lobby of Grasselli Library.

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