December 17, 2012 STU

The Experiential College, AR 197

In Spring 2013, the College of Arts & Sciences will again offer The Experiential College: four 1-credit courses that provide students opportunities to experience and explore the cultural treasures Cleveland has to offer. Seats are currently available in the following sections:

  • AR 197A: The African American Cultural Experience in Cleveland
  • AR 197B: Film in Cleveland
  • AR 197C: Ethnic Communities in Cleveland
  • AR 197D: Music in Cleveland

Each course will include three to four activities or events off campus that highlight the topic, including destinations such as the Cleveland cinematheque, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and several of Cleveland’s ethnic neighborhoods. On-campus classes will accompany and supplement the off-campus activities. Students will be asked to participate in discussions and write reflections on their experiences. The courses are graded Pass/Fail. For more information, please contact Dr. Peter Kvidera (