January 22, 2013 STAFF/STU

The Race Experience: See Yourself in a Different Skin

January 22-25, 2013
All day
LSC Atrium, D.J. Lombardo Student Center

The Race Experience Kiosk offers a truly unique diversity event. You can see yourself in a different skin; change your race to Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Indian. You can then share your favorite pictures via email.

This is a museum quality exhibit. The Kiosk’s software provides a personal, one-of-a-kind race morphing experience. The kiosk creates an environment that encourages discussions about race and our deep-rooted beliefs, misconceptions, and biases.

The Dr. Shirley S. Seaton Cultural Awareness Series is an invitation to an exploration of cultural differences and cultural issues of concern. All events aim to illuminate various cultural perspectives and deepen understandings of ways in which we are all diverse yet interconnected.

All events open to the public.

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