April 24, 2013 STU

Online access to “The New York Times”

Students, as part of our “New York Times” Readership Program, you now have full access to the online version of “The New York Times.”

Access is provided through NYTimes.com Academic Passes. Each time you claim a pass you get 24 hours of full access to NYTimes.com.

How to claim your first pass: visit NYTimes.com/Passes – click on Register and follow the instructions. To be eligible, you must register using your college email account. Then look for an email from NYTimes.com, “Confirm Your E-Mail Address” and click on the link in the email to finish the process.

How to claim subsequent passes: just visit NYTimes.com/Passes and click Log In. Please note that you won’t get a pass only by logging in to “The New York Times” news site itself. You always have to visit NYTimes.com/Passes.