May 16, 2013 STAFF

Personal and professional development opportunity

As a member of Catholic Community Connections, John Carroll once again has an opportunity to offer personal and professional development. Along with Notre Dame College and Ursuline College we are sponsoring a Faculty and Staff Development program to be held Thursday, June 6, and Friday, June 7, at Ursuline College. The program is from the “Abundant Life” organization. For more details about the two-day schedule access the invitation here.

The Mission of Abundant Life is to foster wellness through care for the body, mind, and spirit, and provides education and support in practical methods of whole person care. It is based on the philosophy that every person is an inseparable unity of body, mind, and spirit, and that care for the whole person contributes to wellbeing and fuller, more meaningful life. More information on Abundant Life can be found here on the organization’s website.

The objectives of this development program are:

  1. Wellness through human dignity and wholeness.
  2. The connection between dimensions of wellness.
  3. Good communication skills for healthy relationships.
  4. Spiritual wellness.
  5. Wellness practices.

Registration will be limited to the first 35 employees to register. This program is sponsored by the University and eligible for Mission Leave paid time off.

Non-faculty will be required to confirm their supervisor’s approval to attend as part of the registration. Although the invitation asks for registration through Abundant Life, all interested JCU employees must register through this John Carroll link. We will forward all registrations the Abundant Life group.

Human Resources will notify all who register and confirm attendance, time and location for the first 35 employees that respond.
Please contact HR if you have any questions.

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