August 5, 2013 STAFF

Interested in hosting an international student?

Are you interested in opening your home to an experience of international culture and tradition? The Soft Landings Host Family program is a chance to further international diversity and education on our campus, in your home, and in our community.

Welcoming international students into your home allows them to learn about our culture and country through everyday family traditions. Serving as a host family to an international student provides invaluable education to both host families and students, while creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

This year, international students arrive in Cleveland on August 21 and 22. These students will consist of both F-1 degree-seeking students who will be at JCU for four years and J-1 exchange students who will be at JCU for only a semester or two. Host families are expected to welcome their student into their home for a night, or two, until move-in and orientation on August 23. Beyond that, the level of engagement and visits to your home are entirely up to you and your international student.

For more information and to review the application documents, please go to the International Admission website.