September 24, 2013 STAFF/STU

New: Graphic Novel and Manga Collection

Need a break from the rigors of classwork? Stop by the Grasselli Library lobby and check out the new Graphic Novel and Manga Collection! Surveying the full scope of the comics world, this collection stretches from the critically acclaimed (“Fun Home”) to the popular (“Naruto”) to the artistic (“Fables”) to the obligatory overly muscled guys in capes fighting it out (“Batman,” “Superman,” and friends). Graphic novels and manga are far more than the blueprint for Hollywood blockbusters and anime classics, and they are definitely far more than lowbrow diversions for eight year olds. They are vibrant art forms that speak to the full range of human (and vampire and zombie and superhero) experience.

With great books come great reading opportunities!

Use your superpowers to open this link and see what adventures await!