January 15, 2014 ALL

Mandel Grants Available


The Mandel Foundation has again awarded John Carroll University $25,000 to further a climate of inclusiveness on campus. Funds are available to individuals and groups who will assist us in raising awareness, building respect for others, and creating and promoting a culture of inclusiveness. Programs funded by the Mandel Grants may be implemented in either the Fall or Spring Term. Important note: Review of applications is in progress and will continue until the funds are allocated.


Students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as student organizations, departments, and offices are encouraged to submit Grant Proposals for creative and innovative activities and programs to help further a climate of inclusiveness on the JCU campus. The grants will support projects such as, but not limited to, campus programs, outreach activities, exhibits, performances, hosted discussion groups, student research projects, symposia, on-campus training and development opportunities, cross-cultural dialogues and campus community events.

Please submit applications to Jonathan Smith, Ph.D., chair of the Taskforce at jsmith@jcu.edu.

Please contact any member of the Mandel Grant Review Committee with questions:

A clear, detailed description of the proposed project is necessary, along with specific, well- defined and measurable goals

Proposals should be in the general range of $200 to $4,000. Project activities must be completed by May 2, 2014; however, all incomplete, but funded, projects must submit a progress report if requested to comply with terms of the Mandel Foundation. A final evaluation report detailing the outcomes of the implemented project is due upon project completion. All reports must be submitted no later than May 2, 2014.