February 4, 2014 ALL

Meet JCU’s Great Grad – Chad Miller ’00

Chad MillerName: Chad Miller
Year: 2000
Degree: B.A. Philosophy and Communications, JCU; MEdT (Masters of Education in Teaching) and Ph.D. in Educational Foundations, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Current Profession: Director of Teacher Development at the Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education

Activities involved in while at JCU: “I lettered all four years in varsity football.”

Interesting Facts: “I love the beach and spend nearly all my free time there or in the water surfing (which is one of the huge reasons I moved to Hawai’i). I was also named was named the 2012 Hawaiʻi State Teacher of the Year for the success I had in using philosophical inquiry to teach my Language Arts courses.”

Favorite Memory: “No single memory is coming to mind, but when I think of John Carroll, I think of the idea of becoming. For example, I cherish the hundreds of hours I spent with my teammates because we were able to push each other to go beyond what we thought was physically and mentally possible. The same can be said for my courses in philosophy. The ideas my professors and peers offered challenged my intellect and beliefs. These experiences on the football field and in the classroom intensified my personal journey of ‘becoming’ and for that, I am grateful. 

It was these times in the weight room and on Wasmer Field where I truly began to learn my identity.”

Advice: “Make sure you take your social life as serious as you take your studies. The relationships and memories you form with the people you meet on campus will be just as valuable to shaping your understanding of the world as the lessons and seminars of your coursework.”