February 10, 2014 STAFF

Important Note About Gifts to JCU

Please remember that all donations given by alumni, parents, friends, or businesses to the University should be sent directly to Advancement Services (attention: Debbie Petraska – 3rd floor Rodman) rather than deposited via cashiers. We will immediately deposit the gift into the appropriate account according to the donor’s wishes (your department, a scholarship, or other University purpose, etc.) and will promptly mail the donor an acknowledgement and charitable gift tax receipt.

Please forward all checks, any accompanying correspondence, and envelope to Advancement Services. Also include the organization and account numbers for deposit if known. If you are in doubt or have questions about whether this applies to your situation, please feel free to call Pat Harris, director of advancement services, at 216.397.4344, or Debbie Petraska, gift and pledge processing associate, at 216.397.4338.