April 6, 2015 STAFF

Canvas Tip of the Week: Changing a Course Home Page

The Course Home Page is the first page that students see when they enter a course (or when they click the Home link on the Course Navigation bar). As an instructor, you can select what to display as a course’s Home Page from the following five choices.

– Course Activity Stream (default)
– Pages Front Page (Front page must be set first)
– Course Modules
– Assignments List
– Syllabus

To change the Home Page of a course from the (default) Course Activity Stream, click on the Choose Home Page button located on the right-hand sidebar. This will bring up the Home Page selection panel. Select an option, click Save, and that’s it! Your homepage will automatically update to reflect your change. Note: You must set a Front Page before selecting the Pages Front Page option. Additionally, only Published pages can be set as the Front Page.