September 17, 2016 STAFF

Today: Canvas Updates for Saturday, September 17

In this production release (September 17), admins and instructors can set custom user visibility options for a course and the course Syllabus. When grading assignments, instructors view an alert in the Gradebook and SpeedGrader if an assignment receives an excessive amount of points. Instructors can also search for students by name when moderating a quiz.

For instructors using the Roll Call Attendance tool, students can view their attendance information in the Attendance assignment submission details page.

For all users, the Notifications page includes some interface updates, and Twitter and SMS notification preferences have been simplified; users who have been using those notifications may need to reconfigure their preferences. Additionally, colors are brighter throughout Canvas (most noticeably in Global Announcements and colored icons) and also include grayscale options.

Please visit the Center for Digital Media’s website to learn more/view a screencast of the new features and updates: