March 27, 2017 ALL

Today: The Art of Culture Shock: Native Americans at the Intersection of Contemporary American Society

“The Art of Culture Shock” is a three-part fun and informative event that will give you a chance to learn about many diverse cultures in the contemporary USA, including those of Native Americans. The events will take place on Monday, March 27.

There will be an art contest focusing on the intersection between JCU students’ personal and cultural identities. JCU students are invited to submit original works of art representing one or more aspects of their self-understanding (e.g., culture, national origin, religion).

A lecture will be given by Robert Roche, a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) and Native American activist from the American Indian Education Center (AIEC) of Cleveland. His public lecture will address contemporary Native American cultures and concerns. As an important participant in the Chief Wahoo debate and the Standing Rock DAPL protest, he will reflect on the ways these concerns affect the Native American community and the ways Native Americans advocate for other marginated peoples and the environment.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Roche will be the guest of honor at a special dinner for interested JCU students, faculty, and staff. This ticketed event will allow selected members of the JCU community to engage in discussion with Mr. Roche while enjoying samples of authentic Native American cuisine.

For more information on submitting artwork, requesting a ticket to have dinner with Mr. Roche, or for location and times of these events, please visit