March 29, 2017 ALL

Undergrads: Are You Planning to Graduate at the Conclusion of Fall 2017 Semester?

The fall 2017 Graduation Application will be available on BannerWeb starting Saturday, April 1. The deadline to submit the application is September 20, 2017, and students who apply after the deadline are charged a $25 late fee. You must submit the application to be considered for fall 2017 (January 2018) graduation.

• Check that your major, minor and concentration are correct in Banner. The forms to declare and/or drop majors, minors and concentrations are available online at

If you have a self-designed major or minor, drop off a signed copy of your contract to the Registrar’s Office (B102).

• You must have senior standing with 83 hours or more.

• Run a degree evaluation on BannerWeb to see which degree requirements you are missing. EVERYTHING MUST BE MET TO GRADUATE.

Discuss your degree evaluation with your advisor and/or department chair in preparation for fall 2017 registration. After you register for fall 2017 courses, run a NEW degree evaluation to confirm you are meeting all of your requirements. Let the Registrar’s Office (B102) know of any discrepancies on your evaluation (i.e. something is missing that shouldn’t be).

THEN, APPLY FOR GRADUATION under the Academic tab on BannerWeb. You can only submit the application once. If you are a double (or triple) major, you must choose one primary major and apply once with it.

Questions or concerns about the application? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 216-397-4395 or at