March 16, 2018 STU

Executive Board Openings for RallyCap Sports!

RallyCap sports is a nonprofit dedicated to hosting sports leagues for people with special needs. The organization has had 3 successful semesters here at JCU, with many more to come! Myself, along with the rest of the RallyCore, are looking for driven and passionate leaders from the John Carroll community to join the our executive board to continue growing and improving this incredible organization on campus.

Open positions and a brief description are:

An active member who plans, supervises, and evaluates all chapter activities in support of the Director.
Provide support and guidance to Director and RallyCore surrounding all aspects of the RallyChapter
Help recruit incoming RallyTeam with Director and RallyAdvisor
Assist Director with organization of RallyTeam meetings, PepRallys, and Rally in the Alley
Assist Director and RallyCore with planning and execution of RallyChapter activities
Oversee planning and booking of facilities and the purchase of equipment
Develop and manage special events including: kick-offs, fundraisers, dances and more
Attend all RallyCore meetings

Volunteer Coordinator
An active member who coordinates and trains all RallyTeam members.
Update and maintain the volunteer roster through chapter website
Responsible for sending monthly newsletter to all volunteers
Provides training and guidance for all volunteer members
Manage the viewing of volunteer training videos for all active members
Organize and manage volunteer sign-up and volunteer participation
Organize and manage all volunteer interaction
Take attendance to ensure all members are meeting their role requirements
Attend all RallyCore meetings

RallyPlayer and Family Relations Chair
An active member who communicates directly with RallyPlayers and their family members.
Serve as liaison between RallyChapter and RallyPlayers
Create and distribute seasonal newsletter to active families
Assist Volunteer Coordinator with the training and guidance of volunteers

Marketing and Public Relations Chair
An active member who promotes RallyChapter activities and events.
Develop and manage marketing strategy for the recruitment of RallyPlayers and RallyTeam
Develop and manage all social media marketing
Oversee the creation of all marketing materials
Coordinate with university newspaper and/or local press to advertise RallyChapter events
Attend all RallyCore meetings

If you are interested in applyin for any of these positions, use this link:

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who may be interested as well.

Contact me, with any additional questions!