February 8, 2019 ALL

18th Annual “A Celebration of Scholarship”

Join us for the 18th annual “A Celebration of Scholarship.”

This campus-wide event showcases the research and creative activities in all disciplines by JCU undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, and other members of the University.

For applications and guidelines, visit our website: sites.jcu.edu/celebration

Important Dates:

  • Applications with abstracts are due Friday, March 1, 2019
  • Poster printing by ITS is due Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How can you participate?

  • Poster Presentation: Posters efficiently communicate concepts and data to an audience using a combination of visuals and text. Poster presentations allow the author to meet and speak informally with interested viewers, facilitating a great exchange of ideas and networking opportunities. See the Celebration website for more information.
  • Panel Presentation: A panel presentation is for sharing your research or creative activity. Presenters must convince the audience that the scholarly activity presented is important, valid, and relevant. To this end, oral presentations must emphasize both the motivation for the work and the outcome of it. See the Celebration website for more information.