February 12, 2019 ALL

Today: James M. Lindsay | America Alone: The Consequences of an America First Foreign Policy

The United States’ leadership has drastically changed over the past two years: the United States has abandoned the Paris Climate Accords, the Iran nuclear deal, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership to name a few major changes. President Trump’s first two years in office have sent the message that America is no longer interested in supporting our traditional allies and friends. Instead, U.S. policy is to put America first whenever possible.

James Lindsay, the Senior Vice President and Director of Studies at the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), will discuss America’s role in today’s world. Lindsay argues that the pillars of postwar foreign policy that America has traditionally upheld, including strong alliances, open markets, and commitment to democracy, are all threatened by the current U.S. leadership. What does this shifting role in foreign policy mean for the United States? What should American allies expect from the Trump Administration in the years to come?

Tuesday, February 12 | 2 p.m. | AD 226

Presented by: The Cleveland Council on World Affairs

Co-sponsored by: Center for Global Education, Department of Political Science, and IBLC

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