October 30, 2019 ALL

Join Gabby Douglas to Support the Women of Tomorrow

The John Carroll University entrepreneurship team are bringing together nearly 1,000 high school girls for the 2019 Dare to Dream Retreat (https://www.idareto.co/) to invest in our future. This event will leverage entrepreneurship to instill confidence, empower vulnerability, and enable young women to take one step toward their dream.

The Retreat will take place on November 18, 2019 at the Ohio Theatre from 8am-2pm, and I invite any woman at Carroll to be a mentor to a small group of high school students. This entails:

Arrive by 7:30am, and stay through the event (~2pm). Sit with a group of 6-10 girls throughout the day, and help them stay engaged and work through a series of activities to develop their big idea, practice vulnerability, and set small goals to move closer to their dream becoming a reality.

Please register your interest with (or ask questions of) Doan Winkel at x4605 or dwinkel@jcu.edu