July 14, 2020 ALL

Today: Webinar: Rainy Day Funds in a Downpour: Nonprofits Tapping Reserves During COVID-19

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Join the Nonprofit Administration program on July 15th at 1:00pm for “Rainy Day Funds in a Downpour: Nonprofits Tapping Reserves During COVID-19”. This webinar, a collaboration between the NPA Program, OSU’s Fisher College of Business, Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy, and University of Pittsburgh School of Law, will feature Dani Robbins, Director of the NPA program, as a panelist.

As COVID-19 has impacted every community across the globe, nonprofits have faced increasing demand for their services despite declining resources. Amid the crisis, there have been increased calls for nonprofits to tap into reserves, with endowments, donor-advised funds and donor-restricted funds all being discussed as possible funding sources to meet urgent needs. Academic and nonprofit leaders from John Carroll University, Indiana University and the University of Pittsburgh will discuss the costs and benefits of tapping reserves, the calls for additional federal requirements on nonprofit spending, and practical considerations that all nonprofits should address before opening the spigot on reserve funds.

Register at the link below. We hope you will join us!