November 3, 2020 ALL

Power & Abuse: Expert Panel Webinar Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

As my Arrupe capstone project I have put together an expert panel webinar on the topic of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. It will take place from 7-8pm on Thursday, November 5th. Please register here to be sent the Zoom link if you want to come!:

It will feature 3 speakers:
Bridget Branning, MSW, LSW, a Trauma Therapist at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, who will share the survivor’s experience, discuss the struggle to report, and the myths surrounding workplace harassment;
Helen M Robinson, JD, an attorney specializing in employment and civil law, will speak about the legal assistance and the barriers that exist for survivors of sexual harassment;
Dr. Stacy Astrove, assistant professor at John Carroll University, will explain how our discussion of sexual harassment will translate into attendees’ careers, especially with the Human Resources departments/policies of their future employers
There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the event.

All are welcome, so please feel free to pass the message on to interested students/staff/organizations – all are welcome, not just students!
Again, those interested must register here to get the Zoom link for the event: