March 22, 2021 STU

Reminder: Complete Required Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Course- Due Wednesday 4/8/2020

We are pleased to see a majority of the undergraduate and graduate student body in the process of completing or done with the requirement. Over the years, students have often asked how they can support or be a part of the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion’s mission and work. One concrete way to contribute is to complete both parts of our online course “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Students” designed by EverFi.

We want to remind students to complete this course and we also want to thank all the students who have completed both parts of the course. Part I takes 45 minutes to complete (due March 26th, 2021) and Part II requires only 5 minutes to complete.

As a community, we grow stronger as we learn more about how to best create inclusive spaces through opportunities like this training. In this course, students will:

* Learn about key concepts related to identity, bias, power, privilege and oppression.
* Understand the benefits of being part of a diverse community.
* Develop classroom and workplace skills related to ally behavior, self-care, and creating inclusive spaces.
* Earn an attractive diversity, equity, and inclusion certificate upon completion of the course which can be highlighted in a resume, CV, and LinkedIn account.

If you experience technical problems while completing the course, support is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the “Help” link within the course.

For non-technical problems, please reach out to