January 14, 2022 ALL

Preferred names and pronouns now in Canvas

The University Committee on Administrative Policies approved a Name Usage Policy last May. In accordance with that policy, all students and employees now have the option to identify a preferred name and specify their pronouns using the self-service menu on their student/employee dashboard in Banner.

Canvas is now set to display a person’s preferred name and specified pronouns in class rosters and elsewhere in the system (if that person has chosen to add these in Banner). Other university systems will be updated over the course of time to include pronouns/preferred names.

Faculty and staff should make note of this information on course rosters and any other databases they manage, so as to be sure to use the names and pronouns students and colleagues have specified for themselves.

For more information, please see our Name Usage Policy FAQ: https://jcu.edu/name-usage-policy-faq.