January 25, 2023 FAC/STAFF

CDM/CTL: Upcoming Instructional Training Tidbits

Universal Design for Learning
Date: 1/25 @ 2 pm [Via ZOOM] | Add to your Google calendar: http://bit.ly/3JdOU7R

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a way to examine your existing course to create strategies and materials that help ALL students succeed. It is based on the principle of universal design which addresses the needs of diverse learners by providing multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. The training session will include a brief presentation with practical examples on how to build your course using UDL. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to apply UDL guidelines to their own teaching practice to create more inclusive and equitable and JESUIT learning experiences.

AI and ChatGPT in Education: The Good, The Bad, The Future
Date: 2/1 @ 2pm [VIA ZOOM] | Add to your Google Calendar: http://bit.ly/3H70dvL

I asked ChatGPT to suggest a description for a one-hour webinar on the use of AI in higher education — this is what it wrote:
This 1-hour webinar will provide an introduction to the use of ChatGPT and other AI technologies in higher education. Attendees will learn about the capabilities and limitations of these tools, as well as best practices for integrating them into educational settings. The webinar will cover specific use cases for AI in higher education, such as automated essay scoring, virtual teaching assistants, and personalized learning. Additionally, the session will touch on technical considerations for using ChatGPT in an educational setting, and ethical considerations, such as privacy and bias. The webinar will include demonstrations of ChatGPT in action, providing attendees with an understanding of how the technology can be used in practical situations.

While I think the suggestion is a pretty amazing one, see what other things it can do.

No registration is needed!