March 22, 2023 ALL

Celebration of Scholarship Information Session, March 30 & April 4 at 5 pm (Location: BR18)

The deadline for submitting abstracts for the 2023 Celebration of Scholarship is April 14, 2023. To help students prepare their abstracts, Erica Kennedy and Dr. James Krukones will give an information session on Thursday, March 30th, at 5:00 pm in BR18.

In the information session, you will learn:

• Ways to participate in Celebration of Scholarship and the advantages of doing so
• How to access and complete the application
• Helpful tips on creating a good poster and video presentation
• Technical support for creating a YouTube video
• Tips on writing a good title and a good abstract

All students who are considering participating in Celebration are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Poster Application:

Oral Presentation Application: