March 17, 2024 FAC/STAFF

Today: Making AI a Part of Our Lives and Our Teaching

Come join us for a faculty roundtable on AI and ChatGPT. We will explore how to use ChatGPT for our everyday lives, as well as how to transfer that learning to using it in the classroom for both students and instructors.

Monday, March 18,11:00-12:00
O’Connell Reading Room

Roundtable participants include Dr. Medora Barnes from Sociology and Criminology, Dr. Malia McAndrew from History, Dr. Doan Winkel, The John J. Kahl, Sr., Chair in Entrepreneurship, and Dr. Tom Pace from English.

We hope to use this conversation to help us work through the thorny question of “How can we use ChatGPT appropriately and ethically without preempting student learning?” This roundtable will focus on sharing ideas and how to address the challenges posed by AI.