January 3, 2012

Rec Plex Carpet Replacement

The carpet in the entire “U” hallway on the lower level of the Rec Plex will be replaced on Thursday, January 5. The work is scheduled to be complete in one day of work. The hallway will NOT be “closed”; however, there may be some time period(s) when certain sections of the hallways will be inaccessible during the removal and installation process.

Please help us complete the work by avoiding access to the area as much as possible during this time. We will plan to complete the section closest to the Recreation Locker Rooms first to best accommodate lunchtime and afternoon traffic in and out of the locker rooms. Main offices in the area include: Office of Residence Life, the WJCU Radio Station, VP of Student Affairs, Facilities Department (and Maintenance Shop), Campus Safety Services, and Recreation Locker Rooms.