April 17, 2012 STAFF/STU

Today: Last day for course withdrawal

This is a reminder that the last day to withdraw from a spring 2012 course is Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Freshmen (students with fewer than 25 hours earned) need written permission from their advisors to withdraw from a course.

All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor or class dean if they wish to discuss their current academic status in a course before deciding to withdraw from it.

If you have any questions about how dropping a course or courses will affect your financial aid, please talk to an Enrollment Services Counselor in Room 205 or 206 in Rodman Hall.

Please note that students must carry out proper withdrawal procedures personally in Room 205 or 206 in Rodman Hall. Students who do not attend a class without following the proper withdrawal procedures will receive a grade of WF, which is considered a failing grade and is computed in the cumulative grade point average.