June 4, 2012 STAFF

Important Gmail Announcement

We are happy to inform you that the conversion from the email systems Mirapoint and Exchange to the Gmail system is now complete. Sending and receiving email is almost instantaneous in most cases.

One of the new features you will notice is a stronger, more secure spam and virus message filter. It is likely that you have already received messages from “John Carroll Univ. Support” with the subject “John Carroll Univ. has Activated your New Mail Services” or “John Carroll Univ. First Junk E-mail Safely Quarantined”.

To prevent unwanted messages from reaching your email inbox, the e-mail protection service filters all incoming e-mail for junk and virus-infected messages, before they reach your Gmail inbox. Legitimate messages are delivered to your inbox as usual, but unwanted and potentially harmful messages are diverted and quarantined at your Message Center. You can visit Message Center to review and retrieve quarantined messages by logging in from any standard Web browser. Please note this Message Center is different than your Gmail login and password. Sending and receiving legitimate e-mail through Gmail is not affected by Message Center.

As noted in the messages, further help can be found at http://www.postini.com/services/help.html. We encourage you to look at this information and configure the filter to better fit your e-mail needs.

We hope you enjoy the new Gmail email system including its enhanced message filtering. Please direct any questions regarding the new service to the Help Desk at helpdesk@jcu.edu and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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