January 10, 2013 STAFF

Seeking FSA Members for Fraternity/Sorority Accreditation Committee

Our fraternity and sorority community thrives due to administrative, academic, and institutional support. This co-curricular experience brings about immense leadership opportunities, personal development, academic growth, and bonds for a lifetime. In order to maintain chapter stability and increase overall growth, a standards/accreditation system must be in place for the chapters to work towards each year and submit.

We are seeking FSA members to serve with University administrators, and students to create a standards system that will not only benefit the University, but the chapters themselves and will coincide with JCU’s mission. Meetings will be held bi-weekly throughout the spring and sparingly over the summer, with an estimated 1-2 hours dedicated committee work between meetings.

If interested, please contact Assistant Director of Student Activities and primary Fraternity/Sorority Adviser, Holly Mittelmeier, at hmittelmeier@jcu.edu

Thank you!