February 2, 2013 STAFF/STU

Today: Experiencing Poverty Simulation

You are invited to participate in the “Experiencing Poverty Simulation” on Saturday, Feb. 2, from 1-4 p.m. in the LSC Conference Room. Participants will partake in a number of activities that illustrate common issues faced by those in poverty, and will be asked to simulate visits to various places such as social service agencies, mortgage agencies, super centers, and banks. Participating in this “Month of Poverty” serves as an eye-opening experience that basically places students in the life of someone who is impoverished, and they must make the day-to-day decisions and sacrifices that someone in poverty would make.

To participate, please sign up through the link at sites.jcu.edu/arrupe. This event is hosted by the Arrupe Scholars Program and the Cleveland Food Bank.