April 8, 2014 FAC/STAFF

Today: Contemporary Counterterrorism and Just War

On April 7 and 8, the Tuohy Chair in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies is sponsoring a workshop on the challenges to just war theory posed by contemporary terrorism. The animating concern for the workshop, which I am co-convening with Amos Guiora, the co-director of the Center for Global Justice, S.J. Quinney College of Law – University of Utah, is the need to provide a framework for developing counterterrorism practices and policies that are morally defensible. To that end, 10 scholars from around the country who work at the intersection of religion and ethics, international law, and security studies will gather on campus for a workshop devoted to this topic.

The group will discuss readings assigned in advance. I would like to invite any faculty or staff interested in “dropping in” to the workshop to do so. We have set up a website for the workshop, which has the list of participants, their bios, the readings, and the schedule for discussion. You can find the website at: http://plauritzen4.wix.com/jwt1

Please feel free to contact me (plauritzen@jcu.edu) if you have questions about the workshop or would like to arrange a meeting with any of the conference participants.