April 24, 2014 STU

Graduating Seniors: Complete The Outcomes Survey and Enter to Win a Prize!

By now, you should have received an email regarding The Outcomes Survey.

Whether you have already accepted a job or graduate school offer, have plans to start a business, will be volunteering in the community or abroad, or are still defining your next steps, we ask that you share information about your post-graduation plans using The Outcomes Survey.

Completion of the survey will qualify you for a drawing to win a variety of prizes, including iPads and gift cards, and will provide us with critical information necessary for career and academic advising, student recruitment, and institutional reporting needs.

Since a lot can change during the months after graduation, we will be reaching out to you to update your responses three times after your initial response; at three months, six months and one year after graduation. Prizes are awarded at each stage of The Outcomes Survey, so you are encouraged to respond at each stage.

Please contact us at careerhelp@jcu.edu if you didn’t get an email about the survey or if you have any questions!

Also, come visit us at the Career Center to Hit The Gong if you have not already.

Thanks for your participation and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!