May 5, 2014 FAC/STAFF

New Learning Management System

TO:         John Carroll Faculty and Staff
FROM:  John T. Day, Provost and Academic Vice President

SUBJECT:  New Learning Management System

A committee of Faculty, IT staff and others has been reviewing alternatives to the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS).  The work of the committee was led by Jim Burke, associate chief information officer. The committee investigated all available LMS systems and made campus presentations to demonstrate the most attractive alternatives. The committee utilized a comprehensive evaluation matrix to compare each LMS across the criteria developed in consultation with the faculty. The committee, including the faculty members listed below, unanimously recommended that John Carroll move from the Blackboard LMS to the Canvas LMS. Their recommendation has been accepted. The Canvas LMS is a more intuitive system with many new features that should enhance both the faculty and student experience.

The committee will offer a presentation of the new system on Wednesday, May 14, at 2 p.m., in the LSC Conference Room.

This presentation will also address the transition process and the anticipated training options. Please note that the Blackboard LMS will remain in place through the next academic year providing ample opportunity for a smooth transition.

I would like to thank Jim and the committee for their diligent work on this important project. Those participating in the project team include: Dr. Anne Kugler, Dr. Sheila McGinn, Dr. Marc Lynn, Dr. Barbara D’Ambrosia, Dr. Brent Brossmann, Dr. Andy Welki, Dr. Mariah Webinger, Dr. Malia McAndrew, Dr. Mike Nichols, Dr. Linda Seiter, Dr. Rick Grenci, Dr. Jenny Catelier, Dr. Mary Beadle, Dr. Paul Lauritzen, Ric Blamer, Jeff LaFavre, Allison West, Amy Wainwright, Tim Ficke, Benjamin (Will) Hudson, Mike Bestul, Jim Burke, Jay Tarby, Mac MacDonald, George Alaimo, and Chetan Kapoor.

Thank you.