May 14, 2014 FAC/STAFF

Today: Canvas Demonstration

The Learning Management System (LMS) evaluation committee will present a demonstration of the new Canvas LMS today, Wednesday, May 14, at 2 p.m. in the LSC Conference Room. This demonstration will include information about the implementation process, training options, and address the anticipated timeline for the conversion.

Please take the following short survey to help guide the development of our training plan for the Canvas conversion:

Here are some of the reasons our Faculty chose Canvas:

  • Greatly facilitates communication with students.
  • Notification preferences allow users to be notified of things through their preferred mode of communication (text, Facebook, email, etc.).
  • Drag and drop file transfer is intuitive and makes putting materials into Canvas much faster and less painful than doing so in the current Blackboard environment.
  • Rubric function is easy to set up and use.
  • Speed grader app allows for efficient grading using the rubric function and automatically populates the grade book.
  • Grade book allows for students to “play with” their grades through the “what if” function and figure out on their own what they need to do in the class to get the grade they want.
  • Ability to update all sections of a course at the “master level” automatically updates all of the associated sections.
  • Uses third party providers and does not rely solely on internal product development which allows for the opportunity to be more consistently near the cutting edge on all technological innovations.
  • Ability to create “groups” that aren’t “courses.”
  • Attendance tool – for use during in-person classes.
  • The “ungraded survey” function will be great for course evaluations.

Looking forward to seeing you at the demonstration,

The LMS Evaluation Committee