June 5, 2014 FAC/STAFF

Host Families Still Needed To Welcome An International Student to JCU!

We need your help! We are excited to welcome the largest class of international students in JCU history  – 26 students from 20 countries! We have four wonderful families who have already volunteered, but we need more!

The required time commitment for host families is very little. Our students will be arriving on August 20-21 and will need a place to stay off campus for two nights. During that time, they will likely need to go shopping for items they did not bring with them. They will need help moving in to their residence hall rooms on the 21st. After that, your level of commitment and engagement is up to you and your student.

What have other host families said about the experience?

James Martin, Ph.D., associate dean of the Boler School, said the experience has been “meaningful” and that it is “a nice way to get to know students in a non-official capacity.”

Sally Rummel, a retired enrollment services counselor for Financial Aid called it “an uplifting and enriching one” for her whole family. Her children have “embraced them as a regular part of the family. “

This is an amazing group of students. Show them just how welcoming the JCU community is by becoming a host family.

For more information and an application, contact Megan McBride (mmcbride@jcu.edu).